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Enzo Gironi
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Whether it is a painting, a sculpture, an antique furniture or a piece of antique art in general, the appraisal represents the first step if you wish to sell or purchase an object of art.

The service we offer is impartial and free; our expertise will allow us to make a precise and detailed evaluation.

In order to appraise the exact value of an artwork we will take into consideration the current market value together with the artistic and historical features of the object.

Furthermore, we offer a consultation service and, if needed, a written report made by our team of experts as a guarantee, in particular in case of hereditary division or for a complete evaluation of your furniture or art collection.

In case of high historical or artistic value of your artwork, a professional and reliable team of experts will help evaluating the authenticity and worth of the object.

Enzo Gironi is registered to the national trade Union of the Antique Commerce, occasion and art gallery.