Are we in possession of an object, furniture or a painting you appreciate and wish to purchase?

If you are interested in an article, do not hesitate to examine it at our art gallery or to contact us in order to receive further information.

If the price does not suit your needs and expectations, we will be pleased to look for an agreement.

We make ourselves available to  provide you with further pictures and to show you the artwork you are interested in.


• I am an antique dealer of Nice and I have been working in this field for 36 years.

• I guarantee the authenticity of the dealed artwork through a detailed and complete description on the invoice.

• If needed, we can provide you a certification of authenticity of our artwork.

• Any restoration work on our furniture, paintings and artwork will be notified.


• Bank transfer.

• Bank chack or bank draft for metropolitan France, Corsica and Principality of Monaco.

• Credit cards, with a use limited to purchase made at the gallery or at specific dealers’ galleries.

• Cash money for sales made at the gallery for a maximum amount of 1000 euros.


We are able to manage the delivery service both in France and abroad, customs paperwork included.

Enzo Gironi is registered to the national trade Union of the Antique Commerce, occasion and art gallery.