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Son of a deep lover of arts, Enzo Gironi has very soon developed a passion for arts and antiques and has been practicing antique trade since 1980 (in Italy).

Specialized in pieces of furniture and objects of art dating XVII and XIX century, he soon started travelling worldwide in order to satisfy his passion: the uniqueness chase.

This means the pursuit of an unusual object, a curiosity, a spectacular piece of furniture, a massive chandelier or even an extraordinary marble and, why not, an excellent painting… in one word a thrill, “a blow to the heart”.

Enzo Gironi is settled between France and Italy and it is possible to admire each and every one of his new “treasures” in his very new art gallery located on Nice’s harbor, in rue Antoine Gautier, in the antique dealers’ neighbor.

Enzo Gironi is registered to the national trade Union of the Antique Commerce, occasion and art gallery.